December 2016 Free Photo Shoot Contest

And The Winner Is . . .

Brenda Morales (Lily Hunter) wins a free photo shoot with make-up session, and photos on IntImages.Biz social media platforms.

Natari Eddington wins a free photo shoot with make-up session.

Joylone Mixon, Claudine Jackson, Joan Offett, and Katie McElwain win 25% off a photo shoot.

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  1. Vote for Joylone Mixon. This young lady is a beautiful and elegant young lady that loves to smile and photo perfect.

  2. Joan should be the winner she is fierce and gorgeous .Photoshoot worthy!

  3. Natari Eddington is the real MVP people pay attention, if she don’t win it’s an injustice period

  4. VOTING FOR Joylene, you go for the gold hunny. you seem like an amazing lady

  5. Vote for Natari! She’s fun, she’s real and she’s got the coolest name!!!!

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