July 2016 Free Photo Shoot Contest

And The Winner Is . . .

201607-01 Michelle Ingram-Jefferson GMichelle receives a free photo shoot and will also be featured on the IntImages.Biz website, FB, and IG pages!

201607-08 Ashley Loury WAshley receives a free photo shoot!

JulShootCandyce, Kina, Michelle, Deanna, Celeste, and Ayanna can all enjoy a 25% off discount on a photo shoot!

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Comments 43

  1. Beautiful picture of Deonna Owens, she has the look of a model!!!

  2. Michele you are a Rock Star! We the CVS Cavaliers support you immensely! ♡♡♡♡♡

  3. Michelle is beautiful in and out. She’s a true woman of God. I thank God she’s in my life. Love u Michelle
    U got this

  4. Candyce is the definition of beauty…inside and out. You are the perfect choice for this contest and a winner in my book. Love you!

  5. Very beautiful picture of my lil cousin Deanna!!! I hope you win babe you deserve!! #thick #beautiful #runsinthefamily

  6. Love the pictures of Ashley Loury naturally beautiful she should win.?

  7. Vote for Ashley loury when you talk about someone strong confident smart and beautiful she describes all these and more she don’t have to talk about her struggles or tell her story because she wears them well……..she has made it through and now she shines brighter than any star in the sky good luck boo I love you!!!!!!


  9. Ashley Loury is the one for this photo shoot she takes such beautiful pictures s….vote for ASHLEY??

  10. Bronzed in elegance, Enameled with Grace, Toasted with beauty, MY Lord she’s a beautiful BLACK woman…That’s MY Ashley!!!!

  11. Please vote for my coworker Ashley I just love this FIERCE sister so much, she has what it take and she definitely have the face for a model. YESSS WORK IT Ms. Ashley?

  12. Ashley you look so beautiful or the inside and out! You got this sweety?

  13. Love this picture of Deanna! Dress flawless! Makeup flawless! Showing curves, looking sexy, all while being classy! You go girl!!!

  14. I voted for you cuzzo, I hope you win Michelle Ingram Jefferson. Love you cuzzo

  15. Vote for Michelle she is beautiful inside and out…. a woman who is after God’s heart

  16. Ashley loury,
    What a beautiful face and spirit to go along with it. Ashley is your winner. God bless and keep up the good work Ashley, you have inspired me to love myself no matter what others think I am beautiful just the way I am.

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